1930's Maxwell House Coffee Recipes - How to Make Good Coffee

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Great 1937 advertising piece, produced by the Maxwell House Division of General Foods Corporation features sections on Good Drip Coffee, Good Percolated Coffee, Good Steeped Coffee, and even Good Boiled Coffee. Also explains kinds of coffee pots and how to serve coffee for formal and informal occasions, as well as giving several recipes for tempting coffee desserts. The last few pages of the booklet are devoted to the story of Maxwell House Coffee, including the name of the person who was the source of that famous phrase "good to the last drop!" Beautiful graphic color cover, showing Maxwell House coffee cans on the back. Lovely black and white period photos inside. Approximately 4 1/2" by 5 1/2". Near mint condition, which is absolutely astonishing when you consider that this booklet is nearly 70 years old!

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